Brightening the lives of sick children

On Wednesday the Cubs wrote Christmas cards to 26 sick children (of varying degree) who may not get to spend Christmas in the comfort of their own homes. The Cubs wrote very thoughtful messages and some great pictures which I’m sure will put a smile on their faces! The Cubs finished the evening trying to throw hoops on the antlers of our reindeer… I mean Cub leaders!

Cubs 1 Storm Callum 0

This weekend 4 of the Cubs took on Greater Manchester West County Cub Mudder. Storm Callum tried to make it difficult for them, making the course extra wet and muddy but it was no match for the 4th Tyldesley Cubs as they negotiated various obstacles with great enthusiasm and team work. Bravo Cubs!

Scouts a float

On Wednesday our scouts enjoyed a lovely sunny evening down at Salford Watersport Center learning to paddle board.

Being typical scouts they spent as much time in the water as on the boards.