Explorer Scouts

DofE Logo PESExplorer Scouts are our oldest section  and enable young people aged between  14 and 18 years to take part in a full range of indoor and outdoor activities in the UK and abroad.

They can take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme gaining qualifications valued by Colleges, Universities and Employers.

Explorer Scout Units are administered seperatly to the Scout Group and we have partnered with Pegasus Explorer Scouts. We share resources and leaders with Pegasus and when they are old enough encourage our Scouts to move onto Pegasus.

Many of the Explorer Scouts give back to the Scout Group by acting Young Leaders within the Scout group. This provides essential support to the Adult Leaders and helps the Explorer Scouts to develop leadership and team working skills.

Pegasus have their own web site at www.pegasusexplorerscouts.uk. 

They meet on Friday evenings between 7:00pm and 9:15pm.