2017 Zoo Keeper for a Day

The Scouts had an amazing time today at Blackpool Zoo. They cleaned out the Zebra stables, fed the camels, held cockroaches, picked up an Elephants tooth, clean out the Giraffe house and then fed them, made wild bird feeders, pulled apart Owl pellets to see what they had been eating, and then visited many of the other animals in the Zoo. Not only do Giraffes have long legs they have incredibly long tongues.

Little did I know when I signed up to be a Scout Leader I would end up shoveling Giraffe and Zebra poop.

The Zoo Education staff were brilliant and really kept the Scouts engaged all day.

Thanks to Sharon and to Young Leaders Sarah and Jess for coming with us.

Huge thank you to Karen our Scout leader for organising another fantastic Scouting Day.