More help needed

A big thank to the parents who have started to sign up as helpers and assistant leaders within the Group. The enrolment process has started and you should be contacted soon.

We can always do with extra help so if anyone wants to be a helper or leader at either Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorer Scouts please contact us.

Beavers are growing again

Last night we invested another 3 Beavers. It’s always a pleasure as Group Scout Leader to get involved with investitures and see our sections grow.

I was also honoured to be given a Beaver Leader Name. The Beavers were all were asked what I should be called and came back with blackbird, bluebird, crow, owl and peacock. After two rounds of voting they settled on Peacock. So I am now formally known as Peacock at Beavers. Not sure what they might have been thinking of 😂😂😂

An empty space

Feeling more than a little sad today. I popped down to the site of our old scout hut. It’s just a big flattened empty space waiting for the builders to build yet more houses on.

I truly hope the new community build arrives soon and is as good as it sounds on paper. But it’s not going to be the same not having a permanent building of our own.

Oh well when I win the lottery or find a rich sponsor ……………..

Campfire Cooking

Our Scouts were practising camp fire cooking tonight. They cooked everything from homemade burgers, kebabs, bread, chocolate oranges, bananas with marshmallows, hot chocolate, mash potatoes and sausage, garlic bread, and spag bol.

We also joined in with our Explorer Scouts and moved up one of our scouts to Explorers.

Off to Bibbys Farm on Sunday to continue our forestry badge.

Dino Bonkers

Last week our Cubs and Beavers went for fun night out playing crazy golf. They also invested new leaders.

But 3 new very odd looking Scouts appeared. Turned out to be our Cub Leaders. So yes you do need to be slightly bonkers to be a Scout and and even more so to be a Leader.

From little seeds big things grow

Before Easter our Beavers started their gardening badge. The Beavers helped to plant potatoes that they hope to harvest in a couple of months.

The Beavers planted a runner bean in a cup and took it home. They are already growing we cant wait to see what they look like in a few weeks time.

Bowls n Burgers

Fun chilled night with our scout troop at Hollywood Bowl in Bolton. Nice to see we have some awesome bowlers.F

Ended up with the obligatory trip to the arcade. One of the leaders got battered by space invaders and narrowly missed getting on the leader board, then some of the scouts went on a simulator and came off feeling sick. Another great night lol.

Mountain Rescue Visit

This week the Scout, Cubs along with Young Leaders from Pegasus paid a visit to Bolton Mountain rescue team.

The team made us very welcome and explained their varied roles. The scouts loved the stories they were told about incidents the team had been involved in. They got to practice CPR, had a look inside one of their land rovers and tied a Scout leader to a stretcher (not normal practice) before seeing how difficult it was to carry them around.

A huge thank you to the team for fitting us into their busy schedule.